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About U+Nutrition

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U+Nutrition offers
Nutrition Coaching for:
  • Weight Loss / Management

  • Improved Health

  • Improved Fitness

  • Healthy Eating​ Habits

  • Healthy cooking / meal planning

      as well as   Coaching for:

  • Improved Sleep (habits, quality, and/or duration)

  • Stress Management (building resilience)

  • Recovery (from activity/athletics, daily stressors etc.)

What I do:


I provide one-on-one coaching that is personalized to you and your goals.  So what does that mean and how am I different than every other health and nutrition coach out there?


What it means is that I take the time to get to know you and what your goals are - what brought you to this place in your life. With your help, I determine what you want to change, what you're willing to do to make those changes, and what adjustments you're able to make in your life right now.

How I do it is by looking at your current health and habits, then figuring out what motivates you and what prompted you to make a change.  I consider everything from your current diet/nutrition (what, when, and how you fuel your body), to your current work load and stress level, to how active you are, and even to how much and how well you sleep. This is not a one size fits all plan and is focused on sustainable adjustments that keep you satisfied and help you lead a healthier, happier life.  

Why I do it is because I have a passion for helping others live their best lives.  I have seen first hand the way nutrition affects your health & your life - both personally in my own life and in the lives of those I love. From a young age, I've struggled with an eating disorder that has given me the opportunity to understand on a more personal level what some of your struggles may be.  I've also watched some of my loved ones struggle with health issues that could have been managed better and allowed them to live a more complete life if they had been empowered to make some healthier adjustments in their diets and in their lives. I want to provide that support & guidance to others who want to make significant changes to their health & well-being - but don't know where to start or how to maintain it.

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